What would it take to grow your company to 7- or 8-figures?

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I heard from a client today who asked:

“What would it take for my company to get to $10MM in under a year?”

Do you ask big questions like this?  

The number doesn’t matter… perhaps for you it’s $100MM or $1M or $100k.

What matters is…

What does thinking BIG look like for YOU? 

Are you thinking big ENOUGH?

If you’re not, then you may have one of these “Thinking Big” Blockages:

Perhaps you believe:

If I grow too big or too fast, then… 

…Customer Satisfaction will be a problem”…FALSE  

In Grant Cardone’s book, The 10x Rule, he says only concerns himself with getting more customers. Why? “Increasing customer satisfaction is impossible without increasing customers. Whether someone signs up for our free tip of the week or buys a book for $30, an audio program for $500, or a long-term training contract for $1 million, we always overdeliver what is expected.” 

He continues, “Make your primary focus commanding attention and generating customers before you worry about making them happy.”

If I grow too big or too fast, then… 

…I will be spending ALL my time and energy on my business”… FALSE

One of the great luxuries that a larger business affords you is the revenue to hire AMAZING people to help you run the business. One of the beliefs that entrepreneurs and CEO’s mistakenly have is that they won’t be able to find someone as good or better than they are at a certain skill set.  This belief keeps us trapped into playing small. In fact, there are MANY people out there that will take the business seriously. 

Perhaps expecting someone to take it as serious as YOU do—is the problem. What if what’s needed is for you to take the business “less” seriously, so that you can let go of burdens and enroll people in helping with your cause and mission? If the business is bigger than you, that’s a GREAT problem to have. After all, the attitude of creating something “bigger than you” is what will help you attract customers who want to make a difference with their dollars — and employees who feel they are working for a cause, not just collecting a paycheck. 

These are just two of the many blocks that I’ve found in my experience working with other entrepreneurs. I give a list of 60+ limiting beliefs that keep entrepreneurs stuck in small in my book, The Intuition-Led Business. 

Anyway, YOU are usually the only one in your own way and keeping you from the size of business you’ve only dreamt possible. 

What do you think? Are there other beliefs that have kept you thinking small? Feel free to reply to this email. 

To thinking BIG in your business!


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