Use Brain-Friendly Marketing Ethically

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Want your marketing to work even better?

Then start speaking the language of the brain.

When you add neuroscience into your marketing, you can expect that messages, visuals and marketing will more easily penetrate the minds of your customers.

But be warned, this is so powerful that it MUST be used in an ethical way.

In our experience, Brain-Friendly marketing is an awareness and blending of these four main areas:

Since learning is a key part of the buying process, your marketing must communicate to ALL four buying styles and address the mental triggers of each learning style. Most companies only speak to one buying style in their marketing, and so you have probably been alienating ¾ of your potential customers! When you adapt your marketing to incorporate ALL four buying styles, you will attract more people to your brand and they will understand you quickly. Plainly stated, you will sell more products and services – and impact more people.

Heart triggers are the most fascinating to us because it has been scientifically proven through the work of pioneer neurocardiologist, Dr. J. Andrew Armour that humans have a “heart brain,” a complex and intrinsic nervous system that is a brain in the heart. They have found that there are thousands of neuroreceptors in the heart passing information to the brain in ways that greatly affect how we perceive and react to the world around us. In other words, heart intelligence is really the source of emotional intelligence. So if you think mental triggers and buying styles is powerful, the heart triggers have even better potential impact to get you into the hearts and minds of your prospects and customers.

Cognitive biases heavily affect your customers’ decision making, for better or worse. One example of a cognitive bias is the Bandwagon Effect. It states that the probability of one person adopting a belief will increase based upon the number of people who hold that belief. This is a form of groupthink and is why most meetings are non-productive (by the way, to hold a very productive meeting, see our founder Christie Turley’s article in Fast Company). We put these cognitive biases to your advantage so you can influence more people and help transform more lives.

Based on the work of Abraham Maslov and Milton Erickson, and later used by Tony Robbins in his mentoring programs, the 6 Human Needs approach can inspire people to action. Each person is primarily driven by one of these needs, which affects the decisions and actions they take. When we incorporate ALL 6 human needs into brand positioning, messaging and marketing — just like ALL 4 learning styles — MORE people who have different needs and learning styles will take action with our marketing.

The 6 Human Needs are:

  • Certainty – The person is striving to experience comfort and gain certainty in life in order to minimize the stress of uncertainty.
  • Uncertainty – The person is striving for a little variety and uncertainty in life to relieve boredom, predictability and stagnation.
  • Significance – The person is striving to gain a sense of significance and importance in the eyes of others. They need a sense of identity.
  • Connection – The person is striving to make deep connections with people. They have a need to love and be loved by others – and to belong.
  • Growth – The person is striving to learn, experience and grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually in a variety of ways throughout their life.
  • Contribution – The person is striving to contribute to something greater than themselves. They are all about adding value to other people’s lives.

The higher you go on the scale to help your customers, the more you can command premium prices and the more attractive your brand.

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