Transform Failure into Innovation

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Do you avoid failure? 

Did you know that the fear of failure actually shuts down the part of your brain that handles learning (and innovating)? 

My husband and I have owned 8 businesses over the years, including my marketing firm established in 2004. Failure has definitely come up at least once or twice (ahem!)…

The thing that I’ve learned is that failure is the precursor to breakthrough innovations. 

Would you rather:

A) Fail at innovation 9 times, and on the 10th attempt be so successful that the ripple effect is immeasurable (your life, your business, your customers’ lives all transform completely)…

B) Play it safe and make a respectable income, but know that you didn’t come close to fulfilling your life’s mission and purpose.

In my latest podcast episode, “The Vantage Point of Failure,” you’ll hear me discuss:

  • How to transform so-called “failure” into innovation.
  • A personal story about how the universe reflected back the story I was telling about success vs failure.
  • Examples of inventions and companies to help you reframe your beliefs around failure.
  • How to shift your perspective of failure to find solutions.
  • What is actually behind the fear of failure.

Listen or Watch: 

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Your Eureka! moment won’t happen within your own company.

You can’t use the same thinking, the same people and the same systems to fix a problem, when they were the ones that caused it. Instead, you must bring in fresh thinking, people and systems.

Seeking an outsider is a great way to bring fresh perspectives and bold ideas and put them together in a new way (that’s innovation).

When that outsider has experience working (at a deep level) with 2,000+ businesses, 60+ industries and 500+ business models, that’s when you know your marketing will be fresh — and implemented masterfully.

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