The 4 Converging Trends in Marketing

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Have you been feeling that your marketing isn’t working as well as it used to?

  • If so, keep reading.
  • If it’s hunky-dory, that might change soon, so keep reading.

There are 4 Converging Trends in Marketing right now… 

(Ignore them at your peril).

We have one foot in this THIRD dimension of marketing and one foot in the FOURTH dimension. The door on the THIRD dimension is starting to close and that’s why it’s feeling like the old tactics are no longer working. 

We are also experiencing RAPID change in our everyday lives and environment. We saw this in 2020 with many global events. 

Marketing is floundering because the collective consciousness is literally changing every day, responding to changes in the environment and the planet.  

In fact, marketing that was received as sensitive and caring yesterday can sound TOTALLY tone deaf today.  

In my latest podcast episode, “The 4 Converging Marketing Trends Right Now (and How to Adjust),” I discuss:

  • Why your marketing may not be working as well as it used to.
  • The 4 converging trends that are affecting your ability to market right now (and how to capitalize on these trends).
  • Why we have one foot in the 3rd dimension of marketing and one foot in the 4th dimension of marketing (and why the old marketing tactics are starting to fail)
  • How to make the switch from transactional marketing to transcendental marketing
  • How to connect with the TRUE SOUL of your business, so you can deliver meaningful impact, even higher profits, increased visibility and happier employees & customers
  • What Co-creation really is– and why it’s a magnificent tool for business in the future

Listen or watch here:

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