“When you combine two elements to make a new one, that’s Alchemy. That’s innovation.”

— Christie Turley, Founder, Limelight Alchemy
The same ol’ marketing isn’t working anymore. Yesterday’s cookie cutter formulas aren’t cutting it.

The Secret Sauce?

Your marketing strategy must be aligned to your Brand DNA, your message and your audience. The secret sauce for one entrepreneur isn't necessarily what’s right for you.

It’s all about the nuances.

  • A little hinge can swing a big door.
  • A subtle shift in strategy can create exponential leverage.
  • When your brand has clarity, it can shine brighter and reach farther.

Our Process

We are accountable for building your marketing system, overseeing its execution with our/your team, and making sure it is driving sales.

Our proven process is designed for thought leaders, personality-led brands, course creators and B2B and B2C companies regardless of size or industry type.

Whether your company generates $100k or $100mm per year, this repeatable process is structured to be dependable and consistent, yet flexible enough to accommodate each client’s unique marketing needs.

  • Clarity Call
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment Triage
  • Base Ingredient Sessions
  • Quarterly Sprints (Strategy & Execution)
PHASE 1. Discovery

Clarity Call

If EVER there was a time to tune into the True “Soul” of your business, it’s now. Research shows that “companies with a conscience” outperformed the S&P by more than 1000% over 10 years. In fact, business will only get harder if you don’t adapt within the next 1-2 years to this new consumer trend of “making a difference with their dollars.” This is why it's crucial to create more meaning, reveal more soul and help customers fall in love with you: human to human.

If you have a personality-led brand or you are in the knowledge business, we help you align the True “Soul” of your business with more impact, meaning and happiness— and deliver even greater profits. You’ll have a business that is future-proof, prepared to meet the RAPID change of the future (and you won’t have any need to grab a shiny object tactic or ninja hack to chase customers).

In our Clarity Call, we’ll seek to understand your growth challenges, what’s working in your marketing and what’s not and your overall objectives for your business. We can determine if Limelight Alchemy’s Strategic Planning and Marketing Implementation Services are a good fit and could benefit your business.

Sales & Marketing Alignment Triage

Once we make things “official,” Limelight Alchemy will conduct a Triage exercise to align your Sales & Marketing. We’ll conduct marketing interviews with the key stakeholders and customers and review marketing materials and any additional information provided.

The interviews and external findings are used to create a detailed analysis of your marketing efforts to date, establish a baseline of where your brand is today based upon our seven Marketing Pillars, and identify any aspects of your sales & marketing that are disjointed or misaligned.

Alignment in your sales & marketing is best explained by rainbows, which form at precisely 42°. At 39°, the rainbow isn’t visible. At 51°, it’s partially visible, but it quickly disappears. The rainbow has its bold impact at exactly 42.°

In addition, no two people (even though they might be standing side-by-side) will ever see the same rainbow. Each rainbow is unique, in its own way, to each observer. Some people can deploy certain marketing tactics because it’s in alignment from their viewpoint. To someone else it’s not the right angle and if it’s not the right angle, it won’t create the impact or deliver higher profits that they’re intending. In fact, the harder we try to implement tactics that are not aligned to us (or not aligned to where the collective consciousness is heading), the more they won’t work.

At 42°, all is in perfect alignment — who you are, your mission and the true SOUL of your business. It starts with YOU. You must be in a deep relationship with your soul and find connection with who you actually are (instead of what you think you are), and only then can you be in true connection with your team, customers and business (especially if you have a personality-led brand).

There is only ONE you. There’s only ONE way that your business and message will shine their brightest — at your own 42°.

Deliverable: We provide you with a report summarizing our findings and insights along with a list of action item recommendations to align your sales and marketing to the True “Soul” of your business.

PHASE 2. Base Ingredient Sessions

These Base Ingredient Sessions are built around the four base ingredients.

Brand Catalyst™ Session
(2 x 2 hours)

This is designed to help you connect who you are with the true SOUL of your business, so you can deliver meaningful impact, even higher profits, increased visibility and happier employees & customers. In this two-part session, we install five spark plugs to ignite your Brand Catalyst:

The Mission Matrix

Clearly defining the business mission and the transformation of your product or service will ignite your potential customers into action. When this isn’t defined, it can drag down the clarity of your message and hamper your ability to persuade potential customers (after all, a confused mind says no.) This will help create clarity, wholeness and unity with your products and services, so they can work together in an ecosystem, rather than feeling disjointed and separate. Again, if there’s hidden gold in your business, we’ll find it.

We’ll document your Brand Vision and Brand Values and define your core messaging that will appear in every piece of copy, graphic, web page and more.

Ideal Customer Persona

We must (re)discover your ideal customer persona— beyond geographics, demographics, and psychographics. We must dive deep to know their triggers, pain points, passion points, strengths, motivations, stresses, and path to buying your products, services, books, courses, and more. We must also understand how and where to engage with them, and why they do or don’t do business with you, so your content and marketing can speak directly to this person.

Positioning Statement

The Positioning Statement or your "Big Idea” is what will keep your marketing and your copy on track. It’s the central truth addressed by your book, course, training, product, or service, expressed in a single short sentence.

Brand Archetypes

Your brand archetype is a mirror to your customer's persona—how they want them to see themselves through their association with your brand. The idea behind using brand archetypes is to anchor your brand against something iconic—symbols that people already subconsciously understand. Brand Archetypes help you speed up trust with your customers and help you guide them through the transformation of your products and services.

Magnetic Offers

In this deliverable, you'll receive your most aligned Business Model, Price Points and Offers mapped out (offers = types of products & services). We’ll spot leverage points in your offers with laser focus— those little hinges that can swing big doors— and identify which ones are the most aligned to the client and can best be monetized.

This is a way of "packaging" your body of work, so it’s simple not only for people to grasp what you offer, but also for your messaging to be timelessly original. This is my speciality— connecting the dots and seeing the patterns of your entire body of work—from books to courses and from memberships to masterminds and high-ticket offers— and then finding the highest leverage points in your business so we can release that gold mine that you’ve been sitting upon.

The Customer Value Journey

This is where we marinate the Brand Archetypes, the Ideal Customer Persona, the Mission Matrix, the Positioning Statement and Magnetic Offers and plan out the sequence in which prospects become your customers. The operative word is sequence because in order to have a sales process that is predictable and repeatable, it must be sequential.


Completed description of your brand archetype, ideal customer persona, your positioning statement and a map for your Customer Value Journey.

Breakthrough Story™ Session
(2 x 2 hours)

Your Breakthrough Story™ breaks-through the noise and creates breakthroughs for your audience as it spins, twists and whirls around the three other base ingredients.

In this session, we’ll develop your:

Two Breakthrough Stories

Stories are something we all subconsciously understand, so we understand them quickly. When we understand something quickly, we make decisions (including buying decisions) more quickly. The most effective marketing leads with stories. They are omnipresent in every element of marketing— from the website to social posts to emails and marketing automation. These stories are an opportunity for you to allow your customers to see the multi-dimensional aspects of you and your brand and make you even more attractive to them. We’ll work on developing two types of timelessly original stories:

  • Your Origin Story that (re)positions you and clarifies your distinct ability to make an impact and increases your perceived value (and actual value) to your customer.
  • Your Brand Story that underscores your expertise and connects with your intended audience quickly—so your brand message shines even brighter than before.
Pure Voice Blueprint

In our marketing, we ALL have 2 Voices:

  • What we think others want to hear, and...
  • The Pure Voice

Most of us are only using the first voice, and we’re totally oblivious to what The Pure Voice actually sounds like.

Your brand voice is as unique as your fingerprint. In order for it to sound pitch perfect, any writer working on your materials must have a blueprint of your voice, so they can replicate it. From this blueprint comes content that sounds authentic, unique and personalized — words that connect with customers. We’ll include what your brand voice is and what it’s not, a handful of on-brand words to use (and words to avoid), and a selection of clever on-brand one-liners and phrases to use as soundbites, memes and as you please.

Editorial Calendar

In order to attract relevant traffic to your website, the content you create needs to add undeniable value to your target customer. In order to create it, we must research and understand what content your customer finds undeniably valuable.

We will plan your content strategy utilizing two approaches:

  • We will brainstorm and dive deep to determine the most commonly asked questions during the sales process. We will list the topics that provide the deepest value and meaning to your customer-base.
  • Using our advanced marketing research tools, we will together complete a keyword and topic research exercise to accurately identify what your target customers are actually looking for in Google, YouTube, Amazon and other places. We must create content that provides answers to what they want to know— and provides that undeniable value.

You’ll receive an Editorial Calendar to guide which social content to write and post and which blog content to write and publish on your website in the following weeks. We won’t be writing any blogs in the Base Ingredient Sessions, but we will determine what you write and when, to drive your SEO, Social Media and Content strategy. After the Base Ingredient Sessions, you will be assigned to write initial content for blog posts based on top-searched keywords in your industry while adhering to Limelight Alchemy’s blog-writing checklist (provided). We will also show you our Content Multiplier Formula for promoting your blog posts on social media.

Marketing Elements™ Session
(1 x 2 hours)

During this session, we begin to formalize your Seven Marketing Pillars by establishing your Wildly Important Goal, or WIG, clarify what we know about your customer(s) and understand how to position your offering in the mind of the customer. We will also review how marketing can support your sales process.

Your Unique Marketing Mix

This is where we get clarity about the right mix of marketing elements for you. There are more than 66 ways to market your business and only a handful of combinations are the highest aligned to your business and your ideal customer persona.

We will also formalize your two-year WIG, begin developing your marketing strategy and formulate our 90-day priorities.


We will deliver a full foundational report and strategy document including the first quarter Marketing Plan. The first quarter plan is used to establish a foundation for your marketing efforts and includes scorecard metrics, campaign themes, calendars, budgets, rocks and action items. The scorecard, rock and action item tools are configured to use in the Weekly Check-ins.

INFLOW System™ Session
(1 x 2 hours)

Here we'll develop your evergreen marketing campaign plan.

Lead Magnet Strategy

As determined by the strategy we create during the Brand Catalyst™ session of the Base Ingredient Sessions, we will be creating a "lead magnet" for your campaign. This lead magnet will be used to convert website visitors to contacts through an opt-in strategy.

Nurturing Strategy

We will also create a foundation for a series of automated email workflows that will be used to nurture leads who opt-in for your offer, optimized for conversion.

Sales Strategy

We will develop the foundation for a sales offer that will be used in your live campaign to convert website traffic to contacts. We will be discussing how sales pages are used to convert email contacts and website visitors to paying customers, or qualified sales leads. We will together develop content for a landing page (sales page) which will be hosted on your website to present the convert offer that we determined during the first session, when we mapped your Customer Value Journey.

Write the complete content for your sales page following Limelight Alchemy’s landing page content checklist. We will also write the copy for your campaign's CTA, thank-you page, and form. Write, develop and implement your lead magnet and entire email sequences for your three automated email workflows. Craft the frameworks and initial content for your lead magnet and email workflow, which will be used in your live campaign to convert and nurture leads.
The end result of the Base Ingredient Sessions?
You have Marketing Soul™ and are ready to scale.
PHASE 3. Quarterly Sprints

Once your Sales & Marketing Alignment Triage and Base Ingredient Sessions are complete, Limelight Alchemy kicks off your Quarterly Sprint and manages it weekly with check-ins. During the quarter we manage your team, your vendors, and our team to execute your quarterly priorities all with the overarching 2-year marketing goal in mind. Each quarter we facilitate an Action Session and Kickoff Session.

Action Session

A collaborative action planning session to review the previous quarter performance and evaluate progress. This session identifies the quarterly goals, the milestones to be met, and the metrics to record success. Once these are established, we develop the supporting marketing activities, processes, and address any obstacles.

Kickoff Session

A new action session for the following quarter and continue our sprint process. Together we will set new 90 days goals, establish next quarter’s budget, and determine campaign priorities. We deliver the marketing action report, establish the quarterly theme, confirm the budgets, and action items, and then kickoff the marketing calendar and launch the campaigns.

Campaign Management

A plan by itself won’t change your business or the marketing results you get. This is why we provide oversight and operational support on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. We break down your marketing plan into quarterly (90-day) sprints and prioritize campaign action items. We also establish a scorecard of key performance indicators (KPI’s) to help everyone track, measure and evaluate progress.

Weekly Check-in

Each week we have a check-in call to review the scorecard, action items, results, and any hurdles. This call helps manage cadence, accountability, and stay focused on what’s most important for the business. Each week we lead a status call to review projects, action items, and the KPI scorecard associated with your marketing plan. Regular conversation with your team (and ours) allows us to coach, mentor and develop your staff.

Execution & Accountability

Limelight Alchemy supports campaign management, process documentation, vendor management, and provides ongoing expertise, guidance, and coaching as we work together to reach your goals. We can also provide campaign execution and implementation.

Three Options for Support

After we complete the seven Marketing Pillars and Base Ingredient Sessions, you have three options for ongoing support:

  • CMO
  • CMO + Team
  • CMO + Team Squared

Outsourced Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

This package includes Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) services without implementation and is suitable for companies with an internal or external marketing team in place.

Inquire for current availability and investment.


This option is suitable for companies who excel in one specific service, or want to grow one specific area of their business. It’s perfect for those who don’t have a marketing team in place (you use ours).

Inquire for current availability and investment.


This option is suitable for companies with multiple products and services that cater to varying buyers. It is also suitable for companies with a marketing team in place, as we can work together in our speciality areas to get more done in a quicker time frame.

Inquire for current availability and investment.

We help you think divergently, blaze new trails, and question (and break) the outdated rules of branding & marketing.
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