Marketing with a Holistic Perspective

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If you’re looking at your marketing in isolated pieces, it can appear to be something it’s not.

And that means you could spend money and time trying to fix something that isn’t broken…

Or worse, you could be unaware of an issue and suffer consequences that could be avoided…

When you look at marketing in segments rather than the whole, it’s similar to looking at a pyramid and seeing only two sides.

Each side of the pyramid represent dimensions of marketing:

△ Products
△ Price
△ Place
△ Promotion

But here’s the interesting fact about pyramids…

When you can achieve a perspective from above, you can see all 4 sides at the SAME time.

This is seeing your marketing in perspective – from a HOLISTIC perspective.

And you’ll also see the 5th side, the pyramid’s Capstone…

Which is the 5th P — Positioning.

It’s such a small thing, really. The Capstone is so small in comparison to the other sides. But it’s that 5th P that cuts across the other 4 P’s, and deeply influences them.

This cannot be overstated:

The right Positioning has the power to transform lives and bottom lines… provided it’s powerful, provocative, precise, pure and pertinent.


Positioning is the secret sauce that will separate you from the noise – and get your campaign noticed and heard.

Christie Turley, Founder, Limelight Alchemy

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