Innovation is Your New Competitive Advantage

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Let’s play, “would you rather”…

A) Fail at innovation 9 times, and on the 10th attempt be so successful that the ripple effect is immeasurable (your life, your business, your customers’ lives all transform completely)…

B) Play it safe and make a respectable income and impact, but know that you didn’t come close to fulfilling your life’s mission and purpose.

Innovation is your new competitive advantage.

…just like near-failures have become insanely popular inventions.

Like the bicycle.

Throughout the 1800’s, the bicycle was constantly tweaked until it gained popularity. Bicycling started out as an athletic man’s sport — and then became accessible to women, children and non-athletes. All because the new “safety bicycle” answered what the untapped customers wanted: safety, speed, comfort and steering.

Or Play-Doh.

It was originally a goo used to remove soot off wallpaper, but once gas and electric heating came, it looked like the product was no longer needed. Until the inventor’s sister-in-law (a teacher) told him to add some color to it and offer it to kids. Play-Doh began.

And then there’s Instagram.

It started as an app called “Burbn,” a mobile app that allowed users to check in at a particular location, earn points for hanging out with friends, and post pictures of the meet-ups. But users only wanted to share their photos. So they simplified and Instagram was born.

It’s the little tweaks, the outside-the-box ideas, the simple but innovative changes- that will transform your whole business.

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