Grow Exponentially, not Linearly

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As humans we naturally think linearly, but the world is changing exponentially…

Linear growth is a step-by-step straight path from here to there.

With exponential growth, you’re taking those same steps, and each step is a doubling of the step before.

For example, Jay Abraham is famous for saying:

“There are just three ways to grow a business:

 1. Increase the number of customers.

 2. Increase the average transaction value per customer.

 3. Increase the number of transactions per customer.”

– Jay Abraham, Famous Marketer & Author

Most businesses only concentrate on the first step. They have a high churn rate and they invest more into marketing than companies that also focus on the other areas.

The beauty of mastering the three ways to grow your business is that they compound on one another.

Double each metric (very achievable in our experience) and you reap a gain that looks like this:

In other words…

2x2x2 = 8 fold increase in revenue

And we believe EXPONENTIAL businesses can do even better, so we’ve altered the saying:

“There are just three ways to grow an EXPONENTIAL business:

1.  Increase the number of customers referring new customers.

2. Increase the customer experience you offer to earn a premium price.

3. Increase the customer connection to create more reasons to buy from you, again and again.”

-Christie Turley, Founder, Limelight Alchemy

4 Main Pathways to Growth:

We believe there are 4 main pathways to Exponential growth. Your chosen pathway depends on your goals and where you are now, and can change over time:

  1. Expand into new markets and channels with existing products & services.
  2. Saturate and grow market share with existing products & services in existing markets.
  3. Launch new products in existing markets.
  4. Innovate and re-imagine your brand by adding new products and services into new markets.

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