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Limelight Alchemy’s Process is to mix both the Brand Catalyst (the more amazing the brand, the bigger the catalyst) and the right mix of Marketing Elements (the more aligned to you and your business, the more effective) INTO the INFLOW System™ to create brand awareness, amazing engagement, sales, loyalty and higher profits. Your Breakthrough Story™ breaks-through the noise and creates breakthroughs for your audience as it spins, twists and whirls around the three other ingredients.

It’s all of this that creates the magic— the concrete outcomes (like leads and sales), rather than just media impressions (and likes and follows).

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The Four Multipliers to Exponential Growth

Exponential Growth

As humans we naturally think linearly, but the world is changing exponentially…

Linear growth is a step-by-step straight path from here to there.

With exponential growth, you’re taking those same steps, and each step is a doubling of the step before.

We believe there are four multipliers to exponential growth. Your chosen pathway depends on your goals and where you are now, and can change over time:

  1. Expand into new markets and channels with existing products & services.
  2. Saturate and grow market share with existing products & services in existing markets.
  3. Launch new products in existing markets.
  4. Innovate and re-imagine your brand by adding new products and services into new markets.
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“When you combine two elements to make a new one, that’s Alchemy. That’s innovation.”

Christie Turley, Founder, Limelight Alchemy

Your Eureka! moment won’t happen within your own company.

You can't use the same thinking, the same people and the same systems to fix a problem, when they were the ones that caused it. Instead, you must bring in fresh thinking, people and systems.

Seeking an outsider is a great way to bring fresh perspectives and bold ideas and put them together in a new way (that’s innovation).

When that outsider has experience working (at a deep level) with 2,000+ businesses, 60+ industries and 500+ business models, that’s when you know your marketing will be fresh — and implemented masterfully.

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"Want to change the world? There's nothing to it." - Willy Wonka

Influencing the masses and changing the world begins with you. Start by showing you care by following the Golden Rule: market how you want to be marketed to.

How many people (and dollars) have you lost because you were following a formula that didn't align to your heart, or because they didn’t understand (quickly) what you did, or because your systems were broken?

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